“Cirrus” by Christine Chatterton

Christine Chatterton, member 52,072, sent us this photo and poem that she wrote. It is part of her art book of photography and poetry called “Conversastions with God”

Wispy streaks barely there.
Faint feathers furl
across a filmy blue sky.
Flowing hair flying
across a fair woman’s face,
fanning across the atmosphere
in soft white strands.
Clouds born in the highest reaches
of the frosty stratosphere,
running children on airy alpine meadows.
Happy clouds chasing across
a bright expanse.
In defiance of the emptiness beyond.
At the edge of that dark abyss
of somber space,

© Christine Chatterton

One thought on ““Cirrus” by Christine Chatterton”

  1. Deborah Druar avatar Deborah Druar says:

    Beautiful clouds and lovely poem!

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