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Catching Clouds by E.M. Corsa


Catching Clouds by E.M. Corsa

Elizabeth M Corsa, member 21191, has written a short essay on her addiction to cloud painting that she wanted to share with other members.

Catching Clouds by E.M. Corsa

Most days, in the atmosphere above my island, strongman clouds flex their moisture. You might see a camel lumbering overhead looking for his second hump, a dragon puffing smoke or a whale looking for some saltwater. A just recently I added a cloud painting platform to the southwest corner of my deck. It’s perfect for capturing the advancing clouds and moonlight working its way overhead.

As a child I spent hours laying on the grass looking up at the cumulous clouds waiting for an angel to peek over the edge. I’d look every day convinced they lived just above those golden edges. As I got older, I realized science had relocated those angels. Maybe they are living with the Man in the Moon. Yet I remain a devoted fan of cloud gazing, cloud divination, angels and the Man in the Moon.

I’m an artist that paints clouds. I can be spotted dashing out my front door, easel and paints in hand, in an effort to catch on paper what’s drifting overhead. I am frequently asked why I have this addiction because that’s what it is, an addiction. I can’t pass a window without checking the sky, and many nighttime trips to the bathroom have lured me outside, headlamp in place and a book light clamped to my palette.

You can see more of her artwork on her website, Facebook and Blog

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