“The Cloud Watcher” by Sherwin Berger

Sherwin Berger, member 18,239, sent us his cloud inspired poem, “The Cloud Watcher”

The Cloud Watcher

Hidden in their moisture laden forms
white or gray or dark threatening
Cirrus, Cumulus, Lenticular and Stratus
the secrets of changing color and shape
bears testament to their impermanence.
Yet they will return in newly spun guise
unlike any that preceded them
down the avenue of time.

Floating calm, these fashion models of the sky
Eternally on display, forever fresh,
capturing more water, encasing motes of dust,
Letting every breeze, updraft and crosswind
create new phantom garments for review
to play upon our visual fancy.

Closely watched they remain as first seen
only to alter ephemeral garb
and change in wispy surreptitious flight
for those not yet schooled
to unblinking concentration
but look away for that one moment
when prankish forces convert anew
a tableau cloudscape not ever seen before.

Oh cloud, what marvel will you work

if I but turn my head away?

© Sherwin Berger

One thought on ““The Cloud Watcher” by Sherwin Berger”

  1. Patricia L Keelin avatar Keelin says:

    Thank you, Sherwin, for sharing your tenderly expressed poetry. It’s not easy to capture the beauty and wondrously changeable nature of clouds, but you have succeeded brilliantly. I had to smile at “prankish forces”. That description is ever so apt! I hope to see more writings from you.

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