The Cloud Wall Chart

Ever looked out the window and wished you knew the name of the clouds looking back at you?

Of course you have.

Well, help is at hand – in the form of The Skywatcher’s Cloud Chart. With photographs and captions by John A Day, author of The Book of Clouds, it is the chart of choice for the American Meteorological Society and the Weather Channel, and a worthwhile addition to any cloudspotter’s wall.

Following extensive and hard-nosed negotiation, members of The Cloud Appreciation Society can buy it from Jack Borden’s For Spacious Skies website at the reduced price of $11.45 + postage. For those in the US, that means a total of $13.95. It is large, laminated and sent in a sturdy cardboard tube so, for members outside of the US, postage is considerably more.

Just quote your membership number when you order from

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