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The cloud called Hector

The cloud called Hector

We always love a cloud with a name. This thunderstorm complex is well known by scientists interested in tropical meteorology, as it forms on a daily basis at certain times of year over the Tiwi Islands, off the north coast of Australia.
It forms on almost a daily basis during the transitional months of Nov-Dec and Feb-March, which makes it a perfect subject for meteorologists studying the development of Cumulonimbus clouds.
Mighty thunderclouds like this are estimated to harness the power of ten Hiroshima-sized bombs. Stretching up to 20km into the atmosphere, it is clearly visible from Darwin, over 100km away. We are very pleased that such an awe-inspiring and ferocious a monster as this has been christened by the locals with a name like Hector.
Many thanks to Tim Garrett for sending the photos in.

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  • Cecelia Cooke avatar

    Cecelia Cooke

    February 10, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    I love watching Hector the Convector form and grow during the wet season! Have seen it quite a bit since moving to Darwin! It’s awesome and fascinating, it’s size is quite unbelievable!

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