A cloud mix over the village of Lavandou with a view of the Isles d'or, France.

The Banality of a Blue Sky

Wiltrud Dull sent this cloud inspired poem.

The Banality of a Blue Sky

Sometimes I ride on a magic carpet, enthralled by it all.
Other days cumulus humilis provides a comforting duvet.
Science tells us: clouds– rain– water– life on earth…
Wondrous apparitions parade between us and the universe.
A celestial gallery of fantasies and rich projections.

Depression. Stravinsky rumbles in a chaotic sky.
A cold front is followed by nimbostratus dumping water.
Next day a white-washed ceiling blocks the view into space.
Altostratus is further away from our planet.
Then, the leading lady illuminates the great hall.

Cirrus flicks upwards on the cerulean canvas.
Some wisps grow out of a tree in my garden.
The mood soars and violins play a sunny Mozart.
Later the Blue is dotted with fleecy altocumulus floccus.
A flock of sheep toddles along– a pastorale.

A troupe of clouds perform theatrical loops.
Life tells us: comedy– tragedy– tragicomedy…
Looking up, I sense the bigger picture.
A truth – this too shall pass.
Everything is in flow, nothing lasts.

© Wiltrud Dull

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