‘Stratosphere’ by JJ Evendon


Take me high up to the stratosphere
to where the air is wonderfully clear.
Rise ever higher beckoned by the sun
from a place below where once was none.
I’m no longer bound by the hardness of this world
souring gracefully with mighty wings unfurled.
Light glistens above me from an ocean filled with stars,
so incredibly beautiful yet so unbelievably far.
The feeling of peace and serenity eclipses the mind,
a moment savoured never to be lost in time.
It doesn’t matter what I hear or see
for this place above earth is where I want to be.
It never rains and the sun is always bright
even if below shadows change into night.
For I am nowhere else except here.
Alone high up in the Stratosphere.

© JJ Evendon May 2013

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