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The ‘Light Effect Selector’ is our innovative device to help you spot the many different optical effects caused by the sunlight glinting from droplets and ice crystals in the atmosphere. Like an old-school version of an app, this is one of those information wheels that used to be common in the 1950s and 1960s. Just turn the dials to learn about the rings, arcs and spots of light that can appear in the sky, and which most people miss.

Beautifully designed and printed onto durable and weather-proof plastic, the Light Effect Selector is a handy carry-around aid to recognising 16 different types of optical phenomena produced by clouds and fog. Rotate the dial to find the photo that most resembles the light effect you are looking at and information appears in the windows to give you the light effect’s name, distinguishing features, how rare it is, the solar/lunar elevation needed for it to appear and any other optical effects with which it is typically confused. The photographs were kindly contributed by Cloud Appreciation Society members from around the world.

One side of the Light Effect Selector shows eight effects caused by sunlight shining through a cloud’s ice crystals, while the other shows eight caused by droplets. With famous quotations about the beauty of light and colours in the sky and a nickel-plated chain to attach it for easy access when you are out and about, our Light Effect Selector is a unique and practical gift for all sky lovers. Save money when you order this as a bundle with our ever-popular Cloud Selector.

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