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The Cloud Appreciation Society ‘Cloud Selector’ is one of those information wheels that used to be common in the 1950s and 1960s. They were the apps of their day. Inspired by these, we have produced a cloud identification device fit for the 21st Century. Beautifully designed and printed onto durable and weather-proof plastic, the Cloud Selector is a handy carry-around aid to recognising 20 different types of cloud. You turn the dial on one or other side to find the photo that most resembles the cloud you are looking at. Words appear in the little windows to give you the formation’s name, distinguishing features, typical altitude, likelihood of precipitation, as well as its rarity. All the photographs were kindly contributed by our members from around the world. One side of the Cloud Selector shows the ten main cloud types, while the other shows more specific and unusual formations. With famous quotations about the beauty of clouds and a nickel-plated chain to attach it for easy access when you are out and about, our Cloud Selector makes a unique and practical gift for experienced and budding cloudspotters alike.

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3 reviews for Cloud Selector

  1. Raquel Rodríguez Navarro avatar

    Raquel Rodríguez Navarro

    Funniest item for cloudspotters!

    Never mind if it shows me there´s gonna rain or not, just because I suppose we all in CAS love rain as a cloud´s baby. ;)


    ¡Este el regalo más divertido para cloudspotters!

    En mi caso, no lo usaré para predecir si el cielo trae lluvia o no (y guarecerme), sencillamente porque doy por hecho que aquí todos amamos la lluvia, hija como es de las nubes. ;)

    Colmenarejo, Madrid

  2. Jean Dean avatar

    Jean Dean

    I am delighted with the CAS Cloud Selector. It fits readily into a pocket, so no more excuses about having to carry a book around. Since this makes cloud identification so much easier, anyone out there thinking about buying should go ahead – you will not be disappointed.

  3. Gay Boxall avatar

    Gay Boxall (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for the Cloud Selector which we made good use of yesterday. Our Cloud Selector informed us that we were seeing Cumulus so we were confident we could go for a walk (precipitation none). However after a while the sky began to change to Stratocumulus (precipitation light) then a strong wind came up and the clouds became Cumulonimbus (precipitation heavy showers) so we cut the walk short and got back to the car just as the rain started! Thank you for saving us from a soaking!

    Best wishes.

    Gay & Tony Boxall

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