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What gift could be more original than membership to the Cloud Appreciation Society? When you make someone a Supporting Member, you are helping to ensure we can continue to spread an appreciation of the sky around the world. Your gift buys them the membership pack, which is sent in the post, and the first year of membership subscription. After the year is complete, they will have the opportunity to renewing their membership – either as a Supporting Member or just a normal Member. Supporting Members enable us to pursue plans like introducing translations to the website to open up the Society to many more cultures, as well as expanding our participation in schools and adult education. The sky is the most unifying and universal parts of Nature and strongly we believe that an appreciation of it can bring people together.

When you make someone a Supporting Member, they will receive:

• An enamel membership badge
• A membership certificate with your name and Member Number on it
• Our ‘Cloud-a-Day’ email service
• Our innovative ‘Cloud Selector’ cloud-identification device
• Free access to our video courses (currently in production)
• Free entry to our web conferences
• 15% off all Cloud Shop products
• Our ‘Somewhat Occasional Cloud Newsletter’
• Member discounts and offers
• The satisfaction of knowing that they are helping support the Cloud Appreciation Society

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