Adrian Andler

Relaxed Paramotor Cloud Surfing

“Flying in the clouds is just such a nice and relaxing sensation hard to describe……you forget whats down on the ground and just enjoy pure freedom of nature”.

This is what Adrian Andler sees and feels when he is flying in the clouds and he was kind enough to share it. He has also included the audio of Cloud Appreciation Society founder, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, reading an excerpt from our cloud manifesto.

4 thoughts on “Relaxed Paramotor Cloud Surfing”

  1. Brian Tunnard avatar Brian Tunnard says:

    Lovely ☺

  2. Keith Coldron avatar Keith Coldron says:

    Lovely piece of video, great fun too.


  3. Chris Symons avatar Chris says:

    Adds new meaning to the phrase. ‘Come fly with me’
    Stunning !!


  4. Brenda Pollard avatar Brenda says:

    Absolutely Stunning. I almost felt as though I was there with you.

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