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Murray Fredericks Clouds Over Greenland’s Ice Sheet

_78409595_icesheet2564 © Murray Fredericks

Murray Fredericks Clouds Over Greenland’s Ice Sheet

_78409595_icesheet2564 ©  Murray Fredericks

BBC News Australia recently posted an article and images of photographer, Murray Fredericks’ trip to Greenland’s Ice Sheet. There are some fantastic images including a 22′ & 46′ halo, tangent arc, parry arc, cza and parhelic circle along with a wonderful account of his adventure. It’s well worth reading and can be found on their website here.

Many thanks to John Brigden for drawing this to our attention.

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  • Kathryn Cavanagh avatar


    November 23, 2014at8:44 am

    Some beautiful photographs,both Lake Eyre and Greenland, but the last one, of fire on Stradbroke, really took my breath away. Totally WOW…

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