Rain CD Competition Results

Our Rain CD Photo Competition Results
Here we announce the winners of our competition for the photograph to go on the cover of ‘Rain, Glorious Rain’, the new CD of rain recordings from The Cloud Appreciation Society…


We recently designed the packaging for our new CD of beautiful recordings of the sound of rain, called ‘Rain, Glorious Rain’. Since there are so many fantastic sky photographers amongst our members, we decided to open a competition for the image to go on the cover. Here are the results.

Many thanks to everyone who sent in entries. They were all so good that in the end we couldn’t bear to just use one. We therefore chose one winner for the cover and four runners-up, whose photos appear within the CD packaging.

Why a CD of rain recordings? We think that the sound of rain is one of the most beautiful and calming sounds on Earth. But most of us are so concerned about getting wet that we forget to take the time to simply sit and listen to it. The recordings were made in Britain and Australia by professional composer and sound designer, David Pickvance (Member No 10418). No only are the tracks beautiful, they also help you to focus your attention without the distraction of a melody. From the rustle of a light shower falling on autumn leaves to the rumble of a distant thunderstorm and the cascade of a torrential downpour, this will be the first CD that is charged with positive ions.


And The Winner Is…

Andy Borne, Member 4140, from Eagan, Minnesota, USA:

© Andy Bourne  © Andy Bourne

And The Runners-Up Are…

Melvyn Ingram, Member 2632, from Crayford, Kent, UK:

© Melvyn Ingram  © Melvyn Ingram

Rebecca Marr, Member 7548, from Burray, Orkney, UK:

© Rebecca Marr  © Rebecca Marr

Sean Moore, Member 9273, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

© Sean Moore  © Sean Moore

Andy Peacock, Member 10499, from North Wootton, Norfolk, UK:

© Andy Peacock  © Andy Peacock
A Sneak Preview
Here is how the CD is going to look:

Rain, Glorious Rain CD


Click here to see all the other members’ entries.

Winner, Andy Borne, will receive:
– 3 copies of the ‘Rain, Glorious Rain’ CD
– A C.A.S. T-shirt of his choice
– A personally signed copy of ‘The Cloudspotter’s Guide’
– A 2008 Cloud Calendar

The four runners-up will each win:
– 3 copies of the ‘Rain, Glorious Rain’ CD
– A C.A.S. embroidered patch of their choice
– A 2008 Cloud Calendar

We would like to thank everyone who sent in their fantastic photographs.

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