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Other Entries to the Rain CD Cover Competition

Members’ Submissions to Our Rain CD Cover Competition

Here are all the members who sent us entries to our Rain CD Cover Competition. There were so many good ones that it was really hard to choose the winning entries. In the end, it came down to which would fit in best with our layout and which we could put the typography over most effectively.
We are very grateful to everyone who sent in their great images.
Click here to see the winning entries.

To view the photographs in succession, wait for this page to finish downloading and then click on the first image. You can then click to the right of each image to advance to the next one.

. . . . . . . . .

Adrian Beckett (Member 1373):

© Adrian Beckett  © Adrian Beckett

Andrew Holt (Member 8860):

© Andrew Holt

Andy Borne (Member 4140):

© Andy Borne  © Andy Borne  W I N N E R  © Andy Borne  © Andy Borne

Andy Peacock (Member 10499):

© Andy Peacock  © Andy Peacock  R U N N E R - U P  © Andy Peacock

Sam Winter (Member 10086):

© Sam Winter

Bernadette MacPherson-Morris (Member 10678):

© Bernadette MacPherson-Morris  © Bernadette MacPherson-Morris

Carolyn McArdle (Member 10729):

© Carolyn McArdle  © Carolyn McArdle

Chris Pale (Member 9154):

© Chris Pale

Cyd Coil (Member 10619):

© Cyd Coil  © Cyd Coil

David Saslav (Member 10639):

© David Saslav

Dennis Cowan (Member 3518):

© Dennis Cowan  © Dennis Cowan  © Dennis Cowan

Estelle Manson-Whitton (Member 1766):

© Estelle Manson-Whitton

Fiona Jane Osborne (Member 8307):

© Fiona Jane Osborne

Geoff Spivey (Member 2410):

© Geoff Spivey

Glynn Greenfield (Member 5567):

© Glynn Greenfield  © Glynn Greenfield

Hael Yxxs (Member ????):

© Hael Yxxs

Jan Woodhouse (Member 7428):

© Jan Woodhouse

Jim Vinton (Member 4989):

© Jim Vinton

John Lamb (Member 1478):

© John Lamb

Charissa Griffin (Member 5234):

© Charissa Griffin

Marcel Lenk (Member 9145):

© Marcel Lenk

Margaret Worrall (Member 3381):

© Margaret Worrall

Max Braun (Member 9093):

© Max Braun

Maxine Moss (Member 3780):

© Maxine Moss

Melvyn Ingram (Member 2631):

R U N N E R - U P  © Melvyn Ingram

Mike Davies (Member 1633):

© Mike Davies

Nick Whittome (Member 9289):

© Nick Whittome

Nigel Foster (Member 10722):

© Nigel Foster

Paul Harwood (Member 8823):

© Paul Harwood

Paul Warrener (Member 10391):

© Paul Warrener

Peter Jacob (Member 10369):

© Peter Jacob

Rainer Thrum (Member 1031):

© Rainer Thrum

Rebecca Marr (Member 7548):

R U N N E R - U P  © Rebecca Marr  © Rebecca Marr

Richard Houghton (Member 8978):

© Richard Houghton

Scott Grant (Member 9450):

© Scott Grant

Sean Moore (Member 9273):

© Sean Moore

Shan Lancaster (Member 842):

© Shan Lancaster

Steven Rapp (Member 6027):

© Steven Rapp

Terry Linsell (Member 1531):

© Terry Linsell  © Terry Linsell  © Terry Linsell  © Terry Linsell  © Terry Linsell

Tom Bradley (Member 11495):

© Tom Bradley

Vanetta L Joffe (Member 3824):

© Vanetta L Joffe  © Vanetta L Joffe