9 thoughts on “We’ve Put Up Cloud of the Month for May”

  1. Kathleen Shipe avatar Kathleen says:

    Have been up there, where clouds can be SCARY. Great photo!

  2. Bernard Pay avatar janet says:

    Ghostly skulls in a terrific cloud formation ..beautiful .. love it !

  3. Anna says:

    Wonderful cloud, great photo. Well done!

  4. spiggsy says:

    I, for one, am quite taken aback by May’s cloud of the month. Good choice, guys!


  5. Bob Roberts says:

    TBH, ive seen better clouds than this in an undeground bunker! I have to agree with James on this one im afraid, ive seen better!

  6. Laurence Green avatar Laurence Green says:

    My previous comment made mid-April about this really lovely photo refers. I am glad to see the photo has been put up as Cloud of the Month.

    I previously commented on this magnificent photo but could not resist saying it reminds me so powerfully of a song I have always loved, “Ghost Riders In The Sky”. This cloudscape is epochly just that”. It goes hand-in-glove, so to speak the cloudscape and the song. Seems they were made for each other!

    Seeing the Mamatus clouds in James’ photo you might like to look at an image on NASA’s APOD page (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) today (15th April) which released this Mamatus cloud image. Have a look – it nicely explains how these interesting clouds are formed:-



  7. Gabriele Turissini says:

    always thinking…..behind the clouds…..

  8. James says:

    Nice cloud. Unfortunately I’m not an expert on clouds but admire them none the less. I have seen clouds like this in Canada and dare-say they are even more striking than this!

  9. bryan says:

    A Well deserving cloud for Cloud of the Month.

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