10 thoughts on “We’ve put up the Cloud of the Month for January”

  1. Nancy Hostmeyer avatar Nancy Kowalczyk says:

    Truly amazing –

  2. Darby Gerking avatar Darby Gerking says:

    Love this. Thank you!

  3. Christine Fensome avatar Christine Fensome says:

    What a wonderful photo.

  4. Tini von Allwoerden says:

    Beautiful (-: xxx

  5. Johanne Paquette says:

    Wonderful !!! If I had the chance to look at such a beautiful thing…I would just stand there and look at it until it fades away :)

  6. Michael Davies avatar Michael Davies says:

    congratulations on a great cloud capture to start the new year

  7. Kai Lloyd from Peterborough says:

    Wow, very inspirational. I have printed this off and it sits happily on my wall, looking over me like a cloud angel

  8. Bert Hoebée avatar Bert says:

    A fine choice indeed..!

  9. Henrik Kolden says:

    WOW! Magic and special!

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