Painting Clouds In Lockdown

Mary Romer, member 50,765, wrote telling us about cloud paintings she has completed this year whilst living through these extraordinary times as well as the Cloud Garden Art Initiative.

She told us – Cloudscapes with their ever changing forms from soft fluffy shapes to threatening cumulonimbus towering over the land has enabled me as a painter to find a unity in the emotional polarities experienced between states of turbulence and serenity. Clouds have always drawn my gaze to the skies above, perhaps a way of escaping to another world away from the earthly woes of this pandemic!

As supporters of artists where clouds are a source of inspiration, The CAS may be interested in the art initiative 3 artists and I took part in earlier this summer.

CLOUD GARDEN AN ART INITIATIVE – in response to art galleries being closed due to the pandemic in 2020.

As many museums and art galleries have been closed due to the pandemic, I decided my garden would be a wonderful space to hold an exhibition of paintings and pottery. Always a bit of a risk with English weather! I invited 3 other artists to participate, who were delighted to have a chance to show their work. We displayed art works in an unusual way, hanging paintings from garden swings, along hedges, trees, trellises and also suspended paintings between the slender trunks of silver birch trunks. Visitors were able to maintain social-distance whilst enjoying strolling through a beautiful English garden and looking at art in surprising ways. The feed back we received was hugely enthusiastic, apart from the enchantment of viewing actual paintings as opposed to on a small screen, they were delighted to be able to socialise with each other in a safe environment.

You can see more of Mary’s work on her Instagram page and website

Garden Exhibition © Mary Romer

Garden Exhibition 2 © Mary Romer

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