Thanksgiving Snow

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Michael Notarangelo’s composition was inspired by a light snowfall he experienced in Ringoes, NJ, US, on Thanksging Day. “I guess snowflakes could be considered pieces of clouds floating to the ground from the heavens, ” he told us. “I just stood for minutes staring out my window as it happened and became moved…”
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7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Snow”

  1. Lexi says:

    Intricate and beautiful.

  2. Michael B. Davis avatar Michael B. Davis says:

    I lived in the freezing cold winters of Washington state years ago. I felt you captured the essence of the silent falling snow.

  3. Rosslyn Nayer says:

    Thank you for this wonderful piece of music. It is lovely. And so appropriate for the subject.

  4. Vanessa Hall says:

    I was visiting the cloud appreciation society and heard Thanksgiving Snow. Beautiful!

  5. More music can be heard at my Soundcloud page…Enjoy!! Send me an email and I will return it with 2 free downloads of your choice.

  6. Juel Hilton says:

    Loved it, want to hear more of his work, will visit his web site

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