An action-packed sky over The Grand Canyon, Arizona, US.

Nature’s Magicians

Sherwin Berger, member 18,239, sent us his latest cloud inspired poem entitled “Nature’s Magicians”.


Nature upended paint pots in the sky
cyclonic winds whipped the spilled colors all about
spreading a hodgepodge cloud canvas
so vast in size to rival in hidden camouflage
the great Grand Canyon and Giant Redwood trees,
underwater ocean reefs
where multicolored life forms abound,
to compete with towering, intricately colored clouds.

Now, like a clever magician
pulling cloud curtains aside
gentle sneak thief winds form a fresh
more complex cloud canvas
required to test Mother Nature’s inventiveness.
From out of nowhere colors and designs appear
to spread an afterglow
much like light shining through
a cathedral stained glass window
when swinging wide open reveals
a giant mushroom garden
some with caps right side up
while others perversely chose
to grow upside down with their caps buried in the ground.

Who is to say which is correct
where, in the silence of sky and clouds
there is no right or wrong
among the colored throngs
of endlessly charming cloud designs.

© Sherwin Berger

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