May 2013

Alien Sunset

This dramatic lenticularis cloud formation at sunset over Grangemouth, Scotland, looks like a Sci-Fi poster. The disc shaped forms, hovering over the region’s oil refinery, are caused by winds being forced to rise to pass over the Scottish Highlands and developing a wave-like path in the lee of the mountain peaks. The saucer clouds appear at the crests of these invisible waves of air. Either that, or this is in fact a fleet of spacecraft refuelling before setting off on an assault in some far flung galaxy. You can decide.

Photograph © Alberto Ostacchini.

4 thoughts on “May 2013”

  1. Richard Jones avatar MR PLEASANT says:

    The oil refinery in the foreground give the clouds a dramatic effect ! great photo !

  2. prithvi raj says:

    wow, what a sight is it ,a very good work from alberto

  3. Alberto Ostacchini avatar says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. Alberto.

  4. Coral Carter avatar Coral Carter says:

    This is a fabulous composition, industrial straight lines and the soft wave of the lenticularis…good one Alberto

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