Cloud of the Month for March 2013

March 2013

The Mother of all Lenticularis

This month’s cloud, spotted by Marc Puigdomenech over Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain, is a huge Altocumulus cloud of the species known as ‘lenticularis’. The name comes from the Latin for a lentil, but the other-worldly appearance makes it look more like a UFO from some distant galaxy. As Marc took the photograph at sunrise, most people were probably slumbering as it hovered overhead. Luckily for us, a cloudspotter was up early enough to capture the moment this particular mothership made an appearance over southern Spain.

Photograph © Marc Puigdomenech.

5 thoughts on “March 2013”

  1. Anonymous says:

    breathtaking absolutely stunning

  2. Marcelo Degasperi says:

    Impressive!I have no words….

  3. Ed. Green avatar Ed. Green says:

    A spectacular cloud.I would love to see one myself.

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