Lois Stephens

in Newport, VA, USA

Summer Fieldat VT.LR ©  Lois Stephens

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  1. Sedat says:

    absofeckinglutely! well said!I find R Gates acceptance’ that GCRs may be a part cnrboitutor to AGW fascinating but I suspect this will be the new’ direction (aka excuse) of the warmists ..I do not doubt that CO2 plays some part in earths temperature but catastrophically? definately NOT and as for the human contribution, I cannot see it being sufficient, so for me, once I started looking into the subject, CO2 was ALWAYS the likely minor player! Not least because indicators point to CO2 rising after temp rises as per ice cores, etc.The climate and all its parts’ is a weird wonderful and complex place and I don’t care if your name is Bill Gates and you can set a billion computers working on a model’ of the climate it’s still a fecking model and it’s unlikely to be ever complete enough to make crazy future climate predictions! This is what causes the hoax’ calls by some quarters because in ANY other similarly complex and virtually unmodelable system, no-one would even bother trying! To my mind it would be like trying to predict the colour of a pubic hair left on a toilet seat in a specific booth in Heathrow airport on 22nd July 2100 .the assumptions you would have to make are simply too enormous and the uncertainties far outweigh the natural variability!As for those who feel it is the final nail I can’t agree, as per the style of dictators desperate to stay in power, the Team will fight tooth and nail Personally, I don’t care about them as I still believe that the scientific truth will out eventually!

  2. Lavar says:

    Unparalleled accuracy, unueqiovcal clarity, and undeniable importance!

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