Landscape Stories – Exhibition

Heike Negenborn, Member 8,845, an artist from Windesheim, Germany currently has a solo exhibition entitled “Landscape Stories” at the Galerie Hübner & Hübner, Frankfurt.  It’s running from 17th March to 22nd April 2023.

The subtitle of this Netscape is “Changing Landscape”. The artist explaineds “In the series of monumental overview landscapes, which were awarded the Palatinate Prize for Fine Arts and the Wilhelm Morgner Prize, I combine cloud and earth fragments with perspectively fanned-out grids, which transform into digital pixels dissolve and mutate into network landscapes, into Netscapes. The reshaping of the cultural landscape is underpinned by the reduction of my otherwise strongly colored palette to black and white tones and by the depiction of the landscape as a construct. Clearly visible construction and perspective lines reveal my strategies and support the depth effect in the picture. The works deal with the relationship between nature, its image and its multimedia transfer possibilities.”

You can find out more about Heike and her work on her website

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