Cloud of the Month for July

July 2013

To Infinity and Beyond

This month’s image, by Doug Short, shows a mix of cloud types over Anchorage, Alaska. The formations here are Stratocumulus, Altocumulus and, over the distant mountains, lenticularis. In fact, you could add another cloud term into the mix: clouds that appear to radiate out from a point on the horizon like this are also known as ‘radiatus’.

Photograph © Doug Short.

10 thoughts on “July 2013”

  1. Anonymous says:

    so excited

  2. Richard Jones avatar MR PLEASANT says:

    I can’t stop admiring this photo, it’s so beautiful !

  3. Dorothy says:


    Thanks for sharing “To Infinity & Beyond”. It is absolutely impressive.

  4. susu says:


  5. Jean Buehler avatar Jean says:

    All my life, I’d been made fun of for how I looked at the clouds. I would tell myself never to stare in awe again. But then I would go outside and I would fall in love with their beauty all over again, the same beauty displayed in this wonderful picture.

  6. Mary says:

    Today with a friend who has three boys who have varying degrees of autism, one of them, awkward and resentful of being how he is and saying that it is awful people feeling sorry for him. We were all in a park and I got him looking at the clouds who were all different formations………..pointed out the beauty and freedom of enjoying them, and he responded well. I heard of your society a few days ago and told him I would be joining you…… here I am to learn more.

  7. zhangzaiping says:

    radiatus, the presign of cyclone, I get a lot from photographer, thanks a lot

  8. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing shot!

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