Cloud of the Month for July 2012

July 2012

Cloud of the Month for July 2012

A Picture Postcard from The Netherlands

Clouds appearing simultaneously at several different levels of our atmosphere is a common sight, one that is sometimes described as a ‘mixed sky’. The tranquil concoction of clouds chosen as July’s Cloud of the Month was spotted over the hamlet of Huls in the south of The Netherlands.

© Photograph Math Gossens.

7 thoughts on “July 2012”

  1. pink says:

    this picture is cute

  2. caitlyn says:

    the clouds are cool

  3. Igor Zap says:

    This also proves that just because the Netherlands are the second most densely populated country in the EU, Math Gossens should be doubly-applauded for a people free and beautiful overall composition. Personally, I think the July banner spoils it but there you go …..

  4. This is so lovely – no the Netherlands is not just rainy and flat. I’m reminded of the beautiful weather I experienced on both visits to the Netherlands where I was staying in Apeldoorn – hot, sunny and tranquil!

  5. Maarten den Herder says:

    Ha, this prooves that the Netherlands aren’t just flat and rainy!

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