John Constable, R.A. (1776-1837) Rainstorm over the Sea ca. 1824-1828 oil on paper laid on canvas 235 x 326 mm © Royal Academy of Arts, London; Photographer: John Hammond

John Constable: Observing the Weather

Thanks to Cloud Appreciation Society member, Joan Morrad, for telling us that The Lightbox Gallery in Woking is currently showing an exhibition of John Constable’s paintings concentrating on his dipictions of clouds.

The exhibition is running from 13th February to 8th May and full details can be found on The Lightbox Gallery website.

4 thoughts on “John Constable: Observing the Weather”

  1. Nigel Okey avatar Doctor_NO says:

    …AND, I should have said, I was treated to a rather good 22 degree halo while waiting at Fleet station for the 10:32 to Woking. It lasted a few minutes, but faded shortly after I had boarded the train. I felt like pointing it out to some of the others on the platform, but that’s really not the done thing, is it?

    So, no-one else went to this show?


  2. Thanks for leaving the review Doctor_NO. I hope other members get a chance to visit before the show finishes.

  3. Nigel Okey avatar Doctor_NO says:

    That’s 1821, not 1921 of course, before anyone notices! D’oh – slip of the finger!

  4. Nigel Okey avatar Doctor_NO says:

    Hi All, I went to this exhibition on Sunday last. Small, but very good indeed. I was visiting friends in the SE, so took the opportunity to get into Woking and was glad that I did. Only one major painting, but the smaller ones were interesting and excellent observational studies of the sky.
    So good were his sketches and observations that one sketch just labelled as August, 1921, was pinned down to the 14th by recent research into other people’s weather records and observations at the time. Nice work!
    The works in the show have caused me to re-evaluate what I think of Constable and shall now have to do some further study.
    I even learned some science while I was there, about how William Herschel proved the existence of infrared radiation (illustrated in a book of his published at the time), and there was even a modern favourite of mine – a time-lapse video by one of the academics at Reading University showing us the behaviour of different cloud types.
    It ends next weekend, unfortunately, but if you can get there, you should. Worth the £5 (only £5!!) membership fee to get in. No catalogue of the show, unfortunately.
    Get there if you can.

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