From Wong Weng Yew

Wong Weng Yew, member 50,285, is a conceptual photographer from Singapore. He recently sent us these photos, taken of the same clouds at the same time (around 6 minutes on average). One is a multi-exposure, the other is a single, long exposure.

You can see more of his photography on his website

2 thoughts on “From Wong Weng Yew”

  1. Hans Stocker avatar Hans Stocker says:

    Really wonderful abstracts Wong Weng Yew! Amazing these multi-exposures versus long exposures of the same clouds. Otherworldly beauty revealed.

  2. Meryl Schneider avatar Meryl Schneider says:

    Thank you Wong Weng Yew for sharing your beautiful images with us here and on your website! I really like the concept behind your work.

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