From Tony Kendrick

Cloud Story.

Tumbling clouds in sunlight sky,
That’s a sight to watch go by.
Strange stories are revealed.

A lady flees from a dragon’s lair
All flying skirts and windblown hair.


Through the scene of filtered light,
Speeds her champion, a mighty knight,
Riding bold upon a creature strange.

Unnamed. Untold.

No sound of thundering hooves are heard,
No snap of flag or trumpet blare.
Only cloud shape and sunlight glare.

They clashed upon a flat topped cloud,
A rip of claw, a slash of sword;
A whorl of power to erupt in fury.

Cloud shaped legs and wings
All hurled in separate ways.

Now the scene is tranquil set,
Is that a pennant flying yet?
Now, blow wind!

Part the skies
Let me see where the lady flies
But the cloud curtain unriven stays
And holds the mystery of her ways.

© Tony Kendrick.

One thought on “From Tony Kendrick”

  1. Daughter says:

    Well done you… Beautiful and emaginative

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