From Davide Riccio.

Torino (Italy)


I observe the veils flowing
Between us and the mount of gods
Yun that is
The union of Yin and Yang

If I live life
With my heads in the clouds
It’s not because
Of the western blue-sky thinking
Of some cloudless monotony

I don’t judge anyone
I only observe the veils dancing
Between us and the mount of gods
And see anything created
Under the ever changing shapes of all

I see
The ever changing existance
Apparent as ephemeral beauty
Or horrors

Call me cloudspotter or an idler
Le flaneur like Baudelaire
Clouds are not for dreamers only

But a way of living careful
Of ever changing feelings
And thinking and seeming reality
To benefit the experience of
An ever changing soul

I want to see the risen Christ
In the doomsday
When he comes in a cloud
With power and glory

© Davide Riccio.

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