From Rob Shattock.

in Adelaide, South Australia: based on a conversation with his youngest granddaughter.

The girl and me

well there we were.
litlest grandaughter and me
siting front of the big window
her perched on my knee,
just watching the passing parade.
tufts of fluffy clouds scudding,and folk walking
in the front, over the park and by an old gum tree
“What can you see, robbi” she says to me
so I say to her, respectful like
you have be that when little girls are three,
“oh I see a big galleon, and look some horses
and there’s a big bad bear”
“I got teddy and he’s a bear,
but he’s nice”
“look there’s a shark
not much for him to eat in the park”
she laughed.
then said out real loud.
In her sweet little voice
and it was a little proud
“oh robbi, you are clever
you, can see lots, just in a cloud”

© Rob Shattock.

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