From Cynthia Miller Mims.

Houston, Texas. US.

What I See

I love to look up toward the Heavens,
hoping to catch a glimpse of GODS Face,
watching the clouds as they pass by,
showing me tiny pieces of His— Glory.
You see, as I watch I am greeted by the most awesome sites,
clouds I believe are telling me a story
There are those that look like people, animals and objects,
but what I most Love is What I See when I really look up and meditate..
I see Eye’s, looking down on me, watching and guiding my every step, I see shapes that I can’t explain but somehow they bring me joy and peace.
This is when I get lost and close my eyes and relax.
I thank the Lord for his wonders and for allowing me to see them.
So the next time you are out and about, I hope you take time to see
Some of the most outstanding pictures you will ever lay your eyes on
and then and only then will you see What I See.

© Cynthia Miller Mims.

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