From Michael B Davis

Dawn Approach

Obsidion umbrella that rules the night
With random specks of dancing light
Towering so high above my room
Where all mind dreams play out to soon

Minutes and hours of endless sleep
Night times array of wandering deep
Continues until sun inches dawn
To osculate the surrounding lawn

Waking to embrace the virgin day
I brush night’s cobwebs all away
I blitz to scan the morning sky
To see what fancy is drifting by

Black of night gave way to light
Diverse shapes a quenching sight
Darting across skies vast expanse
These eyes take on a hypnotic dance

Misty vapours gray and white
I meander mammoth, meander trite
Radiant sun beams o’ so true
Blessing the heavens infinite hue

Gazing sky time so much shorter
Approaching dusk now in order
Hour at hand brings me back
To encore approaching ebony black

© Michael B Davis, Southport, Australia

One thought on “From Michael B Davis”

  1. Tilly says:

    I think it is absolately amazing. I love how it rhymes

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