From Kyle Inducil

Cloud Nine

I assessed the ladder’s size,
clothed by familiar skies
Out of sorts in every sense,
I rose past heightened suspense

Heaven’s continental drift:
Clouds grazed each other’s blue rift,
Every rainbow a green shoot
What life bloomed beyond these roots?

The rungs only got thinner
as my body got lighter
Thrown off this earthly spinner
as the starlight got brighter

Until there was nothing more
but below: skeletal heat,
cells nestled in the seas’ roar,
puzzles large, but incomplete

With their watery fume, clouds signalled home Freed by the collapse of a daydream dome

© Kyle Inducil, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Love of stillness born of heaven’s bind
Where I float above a skyward find
Shapes of dreams that never mark the ground
As winged might leaves shadows unbound

Human leaps are lost within their size
Funny their minds should pry with dry eyes
Into windscapes that hoist human names
Made to complement their mortal games

I should not name the clouds what I choose
Awe is a state one should not abuse
I seek balance in a perfect storm
Mindless to face their colossal form

But their whiteness is a presence hence
As thoughts stay adrift in present tense

© Kyle Inducil, Los Angeles, California, USA

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