From Julie Elizabeth Smalley.

Middlewich, Cheshire. U.K.

The Clouds’ Reply to William Wordsworth’s “Daffodils”

“Lonely as a cloud”? Exception!
Mr Wordsworth, sir, we must
as clouds correct your misconception
to “content as a cumulus”.
Praise not earthfast daffodils
but Hosts of Silv’ry Celestials.

Golden blooms stretch’d along a bay
might present an awesome sight.
Yet all ten thousand, come what may
could never, breaking free, take flight.
Gaze above you. Reward your glances
with our infinite, shape-shifting dances.

Poets, artists, children too,
seeing layers, heaps and curls of hair
enrich their souls with what we do –
bunching, swirling in the air.
Those daffs outdid the waves? The dolts.
Let ‘em try Kelvin-Helmholtz!

Sir, when on your indoor couch reclin’d
(A habit too oft indulg’d?)
think cirrus, floccus – much more refin’d.
Enlightened, your inward eye will bulge.
Then your heart with pleasure fills
and soars amongst celestials.

© Julie Elizabeth Smalley. March 2008.

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  1. Jorge says:

    This is a topic that is near to my heart..
    . Take care! Where are your contact details though?

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