From James Webb Wilson(Jim the Poet)

Vernon, CT U.S.

Where Do Dream Clouds go to Die?

Where do dream clouds go to die

After marching across the sky,

Parading monuments for dreams and daring

To spark ideals and thoughts of caring,

To catch a dreamer’s eye and soul

To spur a dream and make it whole.

Do they fall off the edge of the earth,

Off the precipice of their whimsy and mirth?

One time in passing and then gone

Clipped by the reaper of the celestial lawn,

Falling off the stage one scene at a time

Disappearing without reason or rhyme.

Do they just float and flutter off

Into thin fronds feathery and soft

Off as a mackerel sky in a foreign land

Dissipating the mountain so grand

Breaking down a dream so suddenly dismissed

Passed on, deceased, but by a poet kissed.

© James Webb Wilson(Jim the Poet). 2009.

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