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From James Webb Wilson(Jim the Poet)

From James Webb Wilson(Jim the Poet)

Vernon, CT U.S.

White Lights – White Clouds

I saw a big hole in a large white cloud

I stretched out to reach it

My arms were not long enough.

Sunbeams filtered through in dazzling display

A chimney of white light called to me.

It was a ladder with no stairs

Or a robe of light heading straight for me.

I could not touch it so high above

This chimney of Light and of Love.

I saw the circular hole in the middle

I heard the notes of a flute and a fiddle

Sweet notes of instant recognition

While the white light radiated through

This strong stable heap of white cloud

I could not touch it, not allowed

It was not my time to be lifted up.

I saw this shimmering white cloud that afternoon

It spoke to me without speaking,

But I saw it with a third eye

A mystic concentration with due respect.

I sat down but felt raised up and hovering

I think my aura was uncovering

As a bit of Heaven in a chariot low

Shined down through this massive cloud

I could not go, was not allowed.

But with my heart’s eye I could see

This emanation of eternity

Reminding me the white clouds

And God’s ove are free.

© James Webb Wilson(Jim the Poet). 2009

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