From Jacqueline Mai.


Weather or not…

Every cloud has a silver lining
So they say
But not today.

I set off this morning, my head in the clouds
The weekend was near
Good reason to cheer.

I was walking on air, a spring to my step
But it wasn’t long
Before it all went wrong…

In those muggy moments before a storm
Beware the stifling suffocation
Of optimistic elation…

The Boss, a notable tyrant, had a face like thunder
Oh, oh, watch out!
There’s trouble about!

“Let’s not cloud the issue”, the boss roared.
“Your job’s on the line!”
(It had to be mine.)

It never rains but it pours
Is certainly true.
Has it happened to you?

The Boss blustering and threatening
Stormed out of the room
With a thunderous BOOM!

In a fog of confusion I weathered the storm
Worked like a whirlwind, a roaring cyclone
I blew up a great tempest and huge squally dust clouds.
I scorched through my work sweat poured down around me
I had the wind in my sail
To no avail…

Needless to say I left under a cloud
Sunless and dreary
Drizzly and weary.

But that’s blown over now; I’m on cloud 9
Got a new job
And the outlook is fine!

©Jacqueline Mai April 2007

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