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FSS Activity Guide
Are you a teacher who would like to make more use of the sky in your classes? ‘For Spacious Skies’ is a US organisation set up to encourage the use of the sky as an educational resource.

They produce an activity pack, with vaulable ideas and resources for teaching sky awareness to children. We think this is a very worthwhile endeavour. According to a study by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, the incorporation of the guide into educational programs has been shown to increase visual arts and literary skills.

Jack Borden, the founder of For Spacious Skies, argues that people who are sky-aware have five advantages: they are environmentally protective; aesthetically sensitized to the world; spiritual, having more of a sense of wonder about them; mellower, and more receptive to information related to the atmosphere. Who can argue with that?

If you would like to get a copy of the For Spacous Skies Activity Pack, as well as their cloud formations chart, visit:
or email Jack Borden at:

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