From Jacqueline Mai.

Persistent Wet Weather 2007

So this is how I see it…

Usually, when it’s time for Spring sunshine,
Mother’s Day flowers,
Easter Egg hunts,
Summer holidays
Walks on the beach,
Picnics and deckchairs
And blue, blue skies,
All the clouds, efficiently,
Drift away
To distant places,
Rain forests, tropical zones
And great sea spaces,
Piling up dutifully
Out of the way
To leave us an empty sky stage
For the sun’s performance.


This Year
The clouds have rebelled.
They were tired of packing their suitcases
And rolling and gliding, conveniently, away.

This Year
They have stayed behind
And have taken their holiday
At home.

This Year
They are basking in stolen sunshine
Above our heads
Toasting their tummies.

This Year
They are keeping our sunshine for themselves
And what we think is persistent rain
Is actually sweltering clouds

©Jacqueline Mai August 2007

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