From Indrani Ananda


I see a crystal city all of blue moonlight and fashioned out of air;
I see the men who walk there and they are beautiful and wear gold on their hair;
I see their ships of Elven light
Sailing in the silver night,
Calling to me ….
Above the hills of Heaven, and I’ll climb them when my soul is ready to fly.

Oh listen to the starlight as it whispers through the canyons of the clouds;
Moonsilver stairways, soft-echoing to the lilting singing sounds;
Laughter and feasting there,
Voices as clear as air
Singing to me ……
Oh am I dreaming in my longing for the legend to be real?

Oh I can dwell no longer in this shadowland where the rain is coldly falling;
New moon on Magonia, ethereal, to my heart is calling;
Oceans of clouds away,
Songs of a brighter day
Call me away …….
I hear the Elfin music of fair Magonia, and Earth is nothing but a dream;
I cannot look behind me, for Earth is but the dark side of a dream.

© Indrani Ananda

3 thoughts on “From Indrani Ananda”

  1. Mark J Peacock says:

    But great…I love a mad, fairy poem.

  2. Mark J Peacock says:

    This is absolutely crazy.

  3. Shakira says:

    Wow… I love it!

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