From Greg Kern

If Clouds Could Talk…

What if clouds hold conversations
That would be a revelation
If they can talk, then they might say…

“I hope it doesn’t rain today!”
“I’m freezing, my hands are cold as ice.”
“It’s too hot! This breeze feels nice.”
“…Hmmm…What color should I wear?”
“This wind is messing up my hair.”
“My! It’s raining cats and dogs!”
“I can’t see through all this fog.”
“Look at that romantic moon.”
“Winter will be coming soon.”
“I think that I’ll just hang around.”
“The stars are shining bright tonight”
“Have you seen the Northern Lights?”
“Mom, can I go out and play?”
“Yes, but don’t go far away.”
“We’d better go, it’s getting late.”
“I think that she’s put on some weight!”
“I like to travel to far-off places.”
“I can’t remember names, but remember faces.”
“We should really get together.”
“I’m tired of all this crummy weather.”
“I wish that I had wings to fly.”
“I wonder what happens when we die?”
“This Summer sun can be so soothing.”
“I really am not into crowds.”
“He thinks that he’s God’s gift to clouds.”

I don’t believe that clouds can’t speak
…I’ve seen them dancing cheek to cheek And in those times of deep devotion I’m certain they express emotion

© Greg Kern Olmsted Falls, Ohio

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