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Andy Holton is an analog photography student at the Photographic Center Northwest, and for the past two quarters has been photographing clouds as part of his final project. Although the images haven’t been digitally edited much, he tells us there was quite a bit of darkroom work involved.

© Andy Holton 28.01.2020.2

© Andy Holton 28.01.2020

5 thoughts on “From Andy Holton”

  1. Andy Holton avatar andy.holton says:

    And Stiglitz has definitely been on my mind throughout this project :)

  2. Andy Holton avatar andy.holton says:

    Hans, thanks for pointing out the forum thread! I just spent some time browsing through the wonderful images there, and will definitely be contributing!

  3. Hans Stocker avatar Hans Stocker says:

    Hi Andy, that’s great to read!. Maybe you think why I would be so curious about your project. Well, when you check the Forum you will see there is a Black and White thread that has already its 15th Volume. That means there are already 15 times 100 contributions that categorize this way! Although it is all digital (so there are no analogous pictures in this thread) some of the CAS members (mainly Michael, Keelin and me) share in this topic all kind of B&W pictures of clouds. Already for almost three years on a daily basis. It is great fun and the pictures are quite abstract sometimes and it the topic can be seen in my opinion as a homage to Stiglitz, being the photographer who started with abstract B&W’s of clouds at the beginning of the former century. Michael was the one who started the first thread of this topic. And now I am very curious about your analogous project…….

  4. Andy Holton avatar andy.holton says:

    Hey Hans, I’d definitely be happy to talk more about this project!

  5. Hans Stocker avatar Hans Stocker says:

    This post is so teasing. So little information. It makes me curious about the project, purpose, findings, inspiration, etc.

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