From Adrian Beckett.

Birmingham, UK.

Clouds of moods.

A cloudy day, a moody grey

I feel the same inside

You read me well, we share the mood

That neither of us can hide.

You show me your mood

Though I dare not show mine

So how do you see through me?

That all my thoughts are thine.

Thin and high, you are far away

Just like my thoughts right now

My mind is drifting, from here to there

You share my mood some how.

A ray of sun across the sky

You let it through today

Is this because you share my mood

And let me have my way.

A lightening bolt, a clap of thunder

You share my anger quite well

Yes, today I lost my temper

So just how could you tell?

I feel good today, all is OK

A gentle billow of fluff and white

How do you know? Do you read my mind?

Your mood is mine, quite right!

© Adrian Beckett. 2007.

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