Fractal – StormLapse by Chad Cowan

We’ve always found that one of the best ways to understand the behaviour of storm systems is to watch how they develop in time-lapse. And we were blown away by how well the workings of the atmosphere are revealed in this fantastic video by the award-winning, storm-chasing filmmaker Chad Cowan. Thanks to Judi Laing for letting us know about it.

6 thoughts on “Fractal – StormLapse by Chad Cowan”

  1. Shane Boyce avatar shamus 186 says:

    Fantastic great work Chad.

  2. Mike Hendy avatar Mike Hendy says:

    Brings back wonderful memories of my time in the British Met Office back in the 1950 – 60. I thought I had seen it all but this is marvellous.
    Mike Member 3553

  3. David Moss avatar David says:

    Truly atmospheric. The time-lapse treatment definitely aids the understanding of cloud development.

  4. Anne Downie avatar Anne Downie says:

    Amazing footage – thanks so much for sharing

  5. Gordon Tripp avatar Gordon Tripp says:

    Absolutely agree with Elonranger. Great to be able to pause, study and then move on. Anything on the more benign Cirrus/contrail development?

  6. Elon Bugyi avatar Elonranger says:

    The best storm clouds music video I’ve seen in a long while. Thanks.

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