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Notilucent cloud over the Paris Eiffel Tower

Notilucent cloud over the Paris Eiffel Tower

Forums The Cloud Forum Notilucent cloud over the Paris Eiffel Tower

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    • #364173
      Laurence Green avatarLaurence Green

      Released on the NASA APOD page on 28 June recent, is a marvellous shot of Noctilucent cloud over central Paris.

      This is one of the best shots I’ve seen of this type of cloud.

      I would have posted this item much earlier on but logging in problems etc into the CAS website has prevented me from doing so.  It seems I can now, at long, long last make posts.




    • #364282
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      I agree with you Laurence that this is a fantastic shot over Paris. It shows that noctilucent was on that day visible more south than usual. At this moment the season for noctilucent on the northern parts of part of the globe seems to have closed already.

    • #364385
      Patricia L Keelin avatarKeelin

      Thank you for posting this link, Laurence. Indeed, a beautiful display of noctilucence. And welcome back to the forum! Looking forward to seeing more from you again.

    • #364747
      Laurence Green avatarLaurence Green

      Hello Keelin and Hans

      Many thanks for your appreciative comments.  I am very pleased you liked my posting.  It is always a pleasure to share items with good folk like you.  Thank you!

      Yes, I am so, so glad to be, as it were, to be “re-admitted” to the CAS Forum which due to a number of issues, that is, PC and logging in issues, have effectively prevented me from contributing to the CAS Forum.

      IT is ok, when it works, but when it fails the gremlins and mogies cause a lot of problems – and take a lot of time consuming eradicating.

      Best wishes and renewed thanks.


    • #365133
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      Fascinating pictures, Laurence. NLC in California – did any CAS Forum members catch them?

      Anyway, welcome back, Laurence. I had the log-in problem perhaps a year or two back, very frustrating, especially when others are able to log-in. Last week I was unable to find the topic:

      Can anyone explain/name this phenomena?

      although I could find my post to it by searching ‘guru’. Sheena kindly sent me the link recently, but today I can find the topic OK anyway. Curiouser and curiouser.

      George – did you see the topic? (You asked where, I suggested a possibility).

      P.S.  If you post to a topic but then do not see it near the top of the Forum list; refresh your screen (F5 in Windows 10).


      • This reply was modified 4 months, 3 weeks ago by Howard Brown avatarhygge.
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