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Can anyone explain/name this phenomena?

Can anyone explain/name this phenomena?

Forums The Cloud Forum Can anyone explain/name this phenomena?

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    Malcolm McKessar


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    Looks like lenticularis, a pile d’assiettes where the stack is dramatically shifting off center. Lenticularis clouds are common in mountainous or hilly areas.

    Do you have more details about the circumstances? Where or how log did you observe it?

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    George, that’s a champion suggestion; and congratulations to Simona Halep from Constanza, Romania’s first Wimbledon champion.

    You ask the right questions, Based on my guru (Clouds and Weather, R.K. Pilsbury) wave clouds occur when 1) There was an inversion of temperature with height 2) Wind direction was fairly constant with height 3) Wind speed increased with height 4) Wind speed at 2.000 feet was at least 20 knots.

    There can be a train of waves (not here). The stack is stationary; it can be set up by (even a low) ridge of hills (but not an isolated hill), and some way away (15 miles in one example).

    One questions whether there might be a ridge of hills to the right causing the stack, with wind blowing right to left. There can be a roll cloud below the lowest lenticular (turbulence), possible here perhaps.


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