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Need some ID help

Need some ID help

Forums The Cloud Forum Need some ID help

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    • #421388
      Steven Strick avatarSteven Strick

      Saw these in the morning in Idaho. Amazing. As a beginner, I’m not sure where to start to identify them.  Maybe Radiatus? Or just a bunch of Cumulus lined up? Thanks !



    • #421482
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Hello Steven, I think I found another example of your beautiful clouds:

    • #421912
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      Hans, for the record I am getting an error ‘Cant reach this page’ for your link. I tried F5 refresh (Windows 10).

    • #421942
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Yes the link does not work Hygge. A second attempt: February 2018

      In the case it still does not work one has to scroll a bit through the archive of Clouds of the Month (click on the menu item “Gallery” and click on submenu Cloud of The Month, and then scroll and page a bit to find it.

    • #422330
      George Preoteasa avatarGeorge Preoteasa

      Steven, nice spotting. The basic type is stratocumulus. Because it’s wavy, you can say it’s stratocumulus undulatus. And the perspective effect makes them look like they radiate for some point away, so radiatus also applies. A mouthful. Also know as “cloud streets”.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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