“First Clouds of the Year”

Carole Chandler (member 28346) is from Chester in the UK. Recently, whilst taking her dog on a New Year walk, she was inspired by the first clouds of the year to write this uplifing poem.

First Clouds of the Year

We’re out again
my dog and I
bewitched as always, by the sky
Our happy lives entwined with clouds
away from New Year sales
… and crowds.
What simple fun, when wrapped up warm
to watch the January storm
That whips up clouds above our heads
… which later wakes us
in our beds.

Yet, early doors we wake and rise
to marvel at the changing skies
the storm that was
has drifted on
The anger in the clouds has gone
and in her wake,
we stand in awe
of sunrise, cirrus stratus raw
as epic, glorious, crimson rays
are born of Mother Natures ways.

© Carole Chandler

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