Evening Sky over Recanati

This short time lapse of the evening sky over Recanati, Italy, was filmed by Marco Cingolani. Music is by Simon Wilkinson.

5 thoughts on “Evening Sky over Recanati”

  1. Leonardo Noci avatar Leonardo says:

    It’s so beautiful when clouds and stars collide.
    Recanati is poetry, because Leopardi was born there.

  2. Bruno says:


    Noob if you doesn’t really feel the atmosphere.

  3. Timelapser says:

    Hidding. have you ever seen a real timelapse?

  4. A.J. Hidding avatar A.J. Hidding says:

    Noob? :) Not at all! Beautiful!

  5. Timelapser says:

    Noob timelapse

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