Close Encounters of the Stormy Kind

Benjamin Turquet, Member No. 27,655, sent us his video showing time-lapse footage of an evening Cumulonimbus cloud developing over Montreal, Quebec, Canada, along with film of the lightning storm that followed. Was the thunderhead trying to communicate something to us Earthlings?

4 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Stormy Kind”

  1. Carolyn Johannesen avatar Carolyn Johannesen says:

    Wow. I think we get the message :O)

  2. Cheryl Darlene Ricotta avatar darlene ricotta says:

    beautiful and intense!

  3. Lovely! Beautifully enhanced with the music, particularly at the end with the “Encounters of the Third Kind” theme meshing with frozen frames of lightning! Good job, folks! : )

  4. Nouette says:


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